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Dr. Zacharias Thundy recites Hail Mary in Syriac and Latin.

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AP 213 - Dr. Zacharias Thundy recites Hail Mary in Syriac and Latin.
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AP 213

Part Number Part I - Syro Malabar Church
Title Dr. Zacharias Thundy recites Hail Mary in Syriac and Latin.
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Dr. Zacharias Thundy recites ശ്ലാം ലേക് മറിയം Hail Mary in Syriac and Latin

Zacharias P. Thundy recites the Hail Mary in the original version in Latin and the Syriac translation. A prayer from the fifth century. See more on Dr. Thundy at See text and translation on our Encyclopedia of Syriac Chants

Slam Lek Maryam, an endearing prayer of the Catholics around the world. The history of the prayer goes back to the Council of Ephesus (431). The focus of this Council was to establish the status of the Blessed Virgin as Mother of God (Theotokos = Carrier of God). The Syriac translation of the Greek term, theotokos, as Emme dalaha created many controversies. It was difficult for the Easterners to comprehend God as having a mother. The term, however, stayed in translation in many languages. Dr. Zach's generation grew up in Kerala reciting this prayer in Syriac. We are posting this on our channel for our viewers to hear the pronunciation of the words. We are grateful to Zach for sharing his boyhood memories regarding this chant. And we hope to get more such videos on varied topics from Dr. Thundy

Joseph J. Palackal, CMI
New York 22
September 2020



Keywords: Zacharias Thundy, Slam lek Maryam, Ave Maria

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