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ܒܥܹܐܕܵܐ ܕܝܵܐܘܿܡ
B’eda d’yawman (On this festival day)
ബ്ഏദാ ദ് യൗമ്മൻ
Marian Hymn sung by
Evelyn and Jerome Sijo Puthenpurackal

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AP 214 - B’eda d’yawman (On this festival day),Marian Hymn sung by Evelyn and Jerome Sijo Puthenpurackal.
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AP 214

Part Number Part I - Syro Malabar Church
Title B’eda d’yawman (On this festival day),Marian Hymn sung by Evelyn and Jerome Sijo Puthenpurackal
Duration 4:43
Place of Recording Residence of Sijo and Jessi Puthenpurackal
Date of Recording 14 August 2020.
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'ബ്ഏദാ ദ് യൗമ്മാൻ' Evelyn & Jerome Sijo Puthenpurackal, sing Marian Hymn

Evelyn and Jerome sing the Marian hymn, B'eda d'yawman, recorded at their home. 14 August 2020.

The conversation on the Syriac heritage of the Syro Malabar Church is catching on among those who are geographically removed from the home terrain in Kerala. Sijo and Jessin Puthenpurackal, the young parents of these children, follow the resurgence of interest in reclaiming the Syriac heritage and making it a part of the family conversations. Fortunately, the children resonate with their parents' line of thinking and make efforts to learn the text and the melody of selected Syriac chants. Interestingly, children take a liking to this Marian hymn, even though they do not understand the text's meaning. We see in the video how passionately Evelyn and Jerome sing the song. In the absence of a reference pitch, the children chose a register beyond their vocal comfort level. Nevertheless, it did not diminish their enthusiasm, nor did they falter in the melody. They have enough musicality to keep the melody in tact.Also, Evelyn and Jerome deserve admiration for learning the text correctly. We hope this video will inspire parents and children to include Syriac chants in the family conversation. We are grateful to the children's parents for granting permission to post this video on our channel and hope they will continue their interest in Syriac chants in the growing years.

Joseph J. Palackal, CMI
New York
24 September 2020.


Keywords : Evelyn Jerome Puthenpurackal, Kalyan Diocese Syro Malabar Mumbai, B'eda d'yawman, Syriac Chants, Christian Musicology.

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