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Chant for Incensing in Syriac by Fr. Emmanuel Thelly, CMI. ധൂപാർപ്പണ ഗീതം

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AP 237 - Chant for Incensing in Syriac by Fr. Emmanuel Thelly, CMI. ധൂപാർപ്പണ ഗീതം
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AP 237

Part Number Part I - Syro Malabar Church
Title Chant for Incensing in Syriac by Fr. Emmanuel Thelly, CMI. ധൂപാർപ്പണ ഗീതം
Duration 4:38
Place of Recording Little Flower Monastery, Poonjar
Date of Recording 2006
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Chant for Incensing in Syriac by Fr. Emmanuel Thelly, CMI. ധൂപാർപ്പണ ഗീതം

This is a single strophe chant that is part of evening prayer (Ramsa) and the Solemn celebration of Qurbana. The text can be found in the Hudra of Bedjan ([1938] 2002: 3-4).On Sundays and major feast days, the chant is sung three times with three incipits: 1) Ma hambiwin…etc... 2). Sakyas nwas…etc., and 3) Suwha lawa…etc.. On ordinary days it is sung only once with the following incipit: Ewarek l’marya…etc.. The chant is generally referred to by the opening words of the strophe (“Ak etra”), or by the initial words of the incipit for ordinary days (“Ewarek l’Marya”).
During solemn Qurbana, the chant is sung only once, that too, without incipit.

The Hudra does not specify a Rēš Qālā for this chant. In this video, Fr. Emmanuel Thelly uses the Kyanaya mode of singing in a free-flowing rhythm. In contrast, the melody in solemn Qurbana uses 4/4 meter. We have in our library three versions of the melody in the four celebrations of Qurbana by four different priests from different parts of Kerala:

Aramaic Project-157. Fr. George Nellikkatt. (42:10) Armaic Project-172. Fr. Kodamullil. (32:15)

Aramaic Project-175. Fr. Sankoorikkal. (21:51) Aramaic Project-119. Fr. Probus Perumalil, CMI.

Fr. Nellikkatt’s melody is different from those of the other three. Fr. Kodamullil’s version is similar to those of Fr. Sankoorikkal and Fr. Probus, but in a faster tempo. In 1975, Fr. Abel Periyappuram ,CMI (1920-2001) translated this chant into Malayalam. Instead of prescribing the Kyanaya melody, Fr. Abel set the text to the Res Qala of Yada Husawe: Misiha Karthawe … See Abel ([1974] 1996: 22). Fr. Abel might have thought that a melody with a regular rhythmic structure might be more convenient for community singing. Thus, this ancient chant from the Middle East is living in Kerala with Malayalam text.

Joseph J. Palackal, CMI
New York
12 June 2021

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