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Dr. Joseph J. Palackal leads Qandisa Alaha, Trisagion in Syriac at the Basilica of National Shrine, Washington, D. C.

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AP 66 - Dr. Joseph J. Palackal leads Qandisa Alaha, Trisagion in Syriac at the Basilica of National Shrine, Washington, D. C.
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AP 66

Part Number Part I - Syro Malabar Church
Title Dr. Joseph J. Palackal leads Qandisa Alaha, Trisagion in Syriac at the Basilica of National Shrine, Washington, D. C.
Duration 3:08
Place of Recording Basilica of National Shrine, Washington, D. C.
Date of Recording 07 Sept 2013
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AP 66A

Dr. Joseph J. Palackal leads Qandisa Alaha, Trisagion in Syriac at the Basilica of National Shrine, Washington, D. C.

The Trisagion in East Syriac during the solemn celebration of the Syro-Malabar Qurbana in English, composed by Joseph J. Palackal and George Thaila, at the Basilica of the ( National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, Washington, D. C. ). Sixteenth Annual Pilgrimage to our Lady of Good Health, Annai Velankanni, organized by the Indian American Catholic Association (IACA), on 7 September 2013. Celebrants: Major Archbishop George Cardinal Alencherry, Donald Cardinal Wuerl, Bishop Jacob Angadiath.

Communication between Dr. Joseph J. Palackal and the Major Archbishop's office in Kochi regarding the introduction of "Puqdaanakon" and "Qaddisa Alaaha" in the Solemn celebration of Qurbana in English at the National Shrine and Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, Washington DC, on 07 Sept 2013 - Pdf

The Choir (130 singers): Diocesan Youth Apostolate of the Syro-Malabar Catholic Diocese of Chicago. Conductor: George Thaila. Choir Master: Delix Joseph Alex. Soloist: Joseph J. Palackal ( Joseph Palackal ).

Audio recording: Demetrius Callas. Video recording: Asian Ocean Media. Courtesy: IACA, 2013.

Text and translation:
Qaddiśā alāhā (Holy God)
Qaddiśā hailsānā (Holy Mighty One)
Qaddiśā lā māyōsā (Holy Immortal One)
Esrāham alain (Have mercy on us)

Note: The melody of the three incipits are correctly rendered in the practice session at New Jersey: Video. Dr. Joseph Palackal's solo of the phrase "Alaaha" is slightly different in the practice session.

See the commercial recording of the English version of this chant Video
See the other Syriac chant, "Puqdaankon" (Your mandate), sung on the same occasion Video
See the Sanskrit bhajan in praise of the Blessed Virgin Mary, sung on the same occasion Video
See information on
Syro-Malabar Qurbana
The Aramaic Project
For information on the history of early Christianity in India Releases

Video Segments

  • AP 65A - Qandisa Alaha. Practice session in New Jersey for Qurbana at the Basilica of National Shrine, Washington, D. C.

User Comments

  • I will request you one thing that you propose certain Hymns in Syriac like Puqdana kon’ , Thesbotha Alaha , Lagumara, Khandisha Alaha and some text words that could be introduced during the celebrations in Malayalam or any other language. Please create a recording of these chants and i can propagate. - Mar. George Cardinal Alancherry - April 5, 2017
  • Dear Fr. Joseph,

    Thank you for your quick response and the Paypal details -- I will email back later again when we finalize plans and set it up.

    I discovered the Syrian Christian roots and heritage of my own church (the Marthoma Church) after my college days. I was attracted by the beauty of our heritage and how the liturgies (both East Syriac and West Syriac) adorn and proclaim the Gospel of our Lord Jesus so clearly. It was also fascinating to learn that the Kerala Nasrani (Syrian) churches span all denominational families (Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant and Assyrian).

    I am very interested in doing my small part to contribute to preserving this heritage, esp. with the Kerala churches being somewhat of a bastion for it, given the intense persecution experienced by our brethren in Syria, Iraq and Iran. One of my core passions is to see faithful translations of the liturgies into English --- in a way that does not lose the original melodies of the chants. I know that the Marthoma church has come a long way in this project, but there is much work yet to be done.

    I learnt about your work first through the Youtube video of your beautiful, almost angelic, rendition of "Qaddisa Alaha" at the National Shrine in Washington DC.

    It is curious that the Syro Malabar hierarchy has yet to officially support your work or recognize its importance. I pray that the doors will open in that direction as well.

    Have you ever sought to collaborate with SEERI? It would seem like an ideal place to house your project.

    Thank you for your scholarship, passion and work in the Lord.

    With regards,
    Paul Varkey Parayil
    December 29, 2015

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