Call Number : MA-MAL-02

Christian Bhajans


Dr. Joseph J. Palackal, CMI

(The first Gramophone Record of Christian Bhajans
in Malayalam released in 1979

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CMSI Ref. Number CMSI-104
Title Christian Bhajans
Category Music Sound Recording
1 Sound Disc (Compact Disc) ; digital ; 4 3/4 in.
Publication First Edition : 1979

Revised Edition : 2014
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Item Description

Principal vocalist : Joseph J. Palackal.
Chorus : Sunny Mampilly, Molly Madathiparambil, Jacintha Jose
Music supervision : Prof. Pratapkumar J. Toliya (Vardhaman Bharathi, Bangalore)
Total time : 39:19

Lyrics of the twelve tracks

Liner notes by Rev. Dr. Thomas Aykkara, C. M. I. (Prior General, Carmelites of Mary Immaculate, India)

Recording Engineer : K. S. Raghunathan

Cover design : Joy Elamkunnapuzha, CMI & Artist Sasi

Additional Details CD © 2014 Musicological Society of India
Acharya Palackal Jeevass Kendram, Aluva, Kerala, India - 683 101
All rights reserved. Unauthorised duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

Copyright: LP Record LDEC 102.
Produced and distributed by Deccan Records Private Ltd., 16 St. Marks Road, Bangalore 560 001, India (1979).
Pre-recorded cassette FDMIC197. ℗ & © 1984 Dakshina Musical Industries, Bangalore.

Track Details

Track # Track Title Duration (MM:SS) Singer Lyrics Music
1 Arūpā mahāthma [O the Formless, Great Spirit] 3:12 Joseph Palackal Dr.Thomas Kochumuttom, C.M.I. Fr.Thomas Kandathil, C.M.I.
2 Jyōthi jyōthi [Light, Light] 4:03 Joseph Palackal and chorus V.F. Vineeth, C.M.I. Anto Chittilappilly, C.M.I.
3 Mahitha mānasa [Of Great Mind] 3:59 Joseph Palackal Jose Chunkan, C.M.I. Ramakrishnan
4 Sarwēśawachanam [The Lord's Word] 1:28 Joseph Palackal and Chorus Jose Chunkan, C.M.I. Ramakrishnan
5 Śaranam ́saranam [Hope, Hope] 3:15 Joseph Palackal and Chorus Fr.Felix Noronha (N.B.C.L.C) Fr.Felix Noronha (N.B.C.L.C)
6 Wande wande [Homage, Homage] 3:28 Joseph Palackal, Molly Madathiparambil and Chorus Fr.Cherian Kunianthodath, C.M.I. Thomas Kandathil, C.M.I.
7 Om jagath jyōthi [Om, the Light of the World] 1:57 Joseph Palackal Johny Manavalan, C.M.I. Anto Chittilappilly, C.M.I.
8 Om guru om guru [Om Guru, Om Guru] 3:52 Joseph Palackal and chorus Anto Chittilappilly, C.M.I. Ramakrishnan
9 Śaranamēśumahēśwara [Hope, O Jesus the Great Lord] 4:45 Joseph Palackal, Molly Madathiparambil and Chorus Thomas Kandathil, C.M.I. Thomas Kandathil, C.M.I.
10 Jīwakiranamāy [As the Ray of Life] 3:39 Joseph Palackal Fr.Cherian Kunianthodath, C.M.I. Ramakrishnan
11 Daiwame thāthanām [O God the Father] 2:10 Joseph Palackal and Jacintha Jose Fr.Cherian Kunianthodath, C.M.I. Sunny Mampilly, C.M.I.
12 Snēhamahēśwara [O Great God of Love] 3:21 Joseph Palackal Fr.Cherian Kunianthodath, C.M.I. O.C. Johnson (Sangeetha Sadan, Thevara)
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