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Dr Joseph J. Palackal


Marian Bhajan in Sanskrit


National Shrine Washington​​ D.C.

Video Ref. Number : CMS-009-SN-468


Dr. Joseph J. Palackal sings the Marian Meditation in Sanskrit at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, Washington, D. C. Sixteenth Annual Pilgrimage to our Lady of Good Health, Annai Velankanni, organized by the Indian American Catholic Association (IACA), Washington, D. C., on 7 September 2013.

  • Text - K. U. Chacko, Muvattupuzha.
  • Music - Dr. Joseph J. Palackal.
  • Choir (130 singers) - The St. Thomas Syro-Malabar Catholic Diocese of Chicago Youth Choir,
  • Tamburu - Diya Jetty.
  • Audio recording - Demetrius Callas.
  • Video recording - Asian Ocean Media. Courtesy: IACA, 2013.
  • Text by - K. U. Chacko, Muvattupuza. "Misihasahasranaamasthothram" (In praise of the thousand names of Christ),
  • Publishers - JeewaJyothi Publications, Muvattupuzha (1987), p. 94.

Translitered Text in English Translation by Dr. Augustine Thottakkara, CMI.
Pāpāraṇyawināśinīm sukṛutajām dēwēna pūṛwam kṛutām Pāṇibhyām narapāpamuktidamamum diwyājamudbibhṛatīm Kanyām kāntimatīmanantakaruṇām wandārusamsēwitām Wandētwām mariyām samastajagatām Māta: pṛayachchāśṛayam. Śānthi, Śānthi Śānthi: I salute you, O Mary, Mother of the universe! Give me, O Mother, refuge in you. Mary who is the destroyer of the wilderness of sin, who is born of Grace, who is created by God in the very beginning, who has held in her two hands the Holy Lamb who gives liberation to the world from sin, who is virgin, who is immensely beautiful and eminently kind, and who is always served by holy people. I salute you.

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