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  1. Review by Rolf Groesbeck . Asian Music , volume 7, no.2, 2016, pp.176-178

August 2015

1. Dr. Joseph J. Palackal's interview with Vatican Radio on the revival of Syriac chants and the Aramaic Project. Listen to the interview here.

2.Holy Qurbana of Syro-Malabar Church at Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral 2015 -

In honour of the foundation of the new Syro-Malabar Eparchy in the United Kingdom, we are delighted to share the recording from our member and Syro-Malabar link adviser, Dr Martin Thomas Anthony, of the Holy Qurbana in English at the Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral at our Festival of the Eastern Catholic Churches last August 2015.

26 July 2015

Syro Malabar day - A Festival of Indian Christianity held at Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church, Warrington, Archdiocese of Liverpool, UK

A Syro Malabar day was celebrated in the Roman Catholic Parish of Warrington on 26-July-2018. Syro Malabar Eucharistic Liturgy in English language was celebrated in English language with a few Aramaic chants like 'Pukdanacon', 'Kandeesa Alaha' etc sung by Rev DR Joseph Palackal co celebrated with Rec Christopher Cunningham, Rev Fr Zacharias Kanjoopparampil, Rev Fr Roy. A large number of English Catholics also attended the celebration. The choir was led by Ann Preston, who commented that this was a wonderful experience. Ann is very familiar with Latin Rite Mass and chants, but the Syriac chants and Syriac rite Mass were a different experience. She felt privileged to sing chants in the language of our Lord Jesus Christ. The English community actively participated in the celebration of Holy Qurbana by snging chants. They felt that in the Syro Malabar Qurbana, the participation of the congregation is more and they

September 2014

1. Dr. Joseph J. Palackal will be one of the featured speakers at the "Christian Congregational Music: Local and Global Perspectives" Conference at Oxford, UK. 4-7 August 2015.

July 2014

1. Dr. Joseph J. Palackal gave the Denha Endowment Lecture 2014 at Dharmaram Vidya Kshethram, Bangalore, India. Topic: The Syriac Heritage and the Faith Formation of the Syro Malabar Catholics in Bangalore. Abstract. Brochure. Flyer.

April 2014

Aramaic Project: A Progress Report:
1. Friday, 25 April 2014. 7.30PM at St. Stanislaus Kostka School Auditorium. 30-minute video presentation on the current status of the project, Q & A, followed by social hour. All are welcome. Flyer.
2. English translation of Mariw'alahi added.
3. Dr.Jacob Vellian's interview added under 'Recorded interviews and performances' section

March 2014

Aramaic Project: A Progress Report:
1. Fr.Charles Pyngott's interview added under 'Recorded interviews and performances' section

February 2014

Aramaic Project: A Progress Report:
1. Fr.Emmanuel Thelly's interview added under Recorded interviews and performances' section
2. Reintroduction of Syriac chants in the Syro-Malabar liturgy section along with the corresponding videos added.

January 2013

Aramaic Project: A Progress Report:
1. Dedication & Source of Inspiration' section expanded.
2. 'Web Resources' section added.
3. New images pertaining to Syriac Inscriptions added.

December 2013

Aramaic Project: A Progress Report:
1. 'Dedication & Source of Inspiration' section expanded.
2. 'Web Resources' section added.
3. K. O. Chacko Koythadathil's videos added under 'Recorded interviews and performances' section.
4. Paul Joy Vathappillil's video added 'Recorded interviews and performances' section.

November 2013

Aramaic Project: A Progress Report:
1. Fr.Abel Periyapuram's audio interviews and songs added under 'Recorded interviews and performances' section.
2. The first version of the Aramaic Project page launched.

The Canadian Society for Syriac Studies is hosting a symposium on The Christians of Saint Thomas and their Syriac Heritage on Saturday, 9 Nov 2013 in Toronto. Flyer.

September 2013

For the first time, the Solemn High Mass of the Syro Malabar church will be celebrated on Saturday, 07 September 2013 at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, Washington DC. His Beautitude Mar George Cardinal Alencherry, Major Archbishop of the Syro-Malabar Church will be the main celebrant along with Donald Cardinal Wuerl (concelebrant) Archbishop of Washington and Bishop Jacob Angadiath (concelebrant)St.Thomas Diocese, Chicago. Flyer

July 2013

The Indian Edition of Qambel Maran CD was released by His Beatitude Mar George Cardinal Alancherry on 24 July, 2013 at Mount St.Thomas, Kakkanad, Cochin. Press Clipping 1. Press Clipping 2.

May 2013

Dr. Joseph J. Palackal performed the Syriac chant Qambel maaran haan qurbaana at a concert organized by ComposersCollaborative, Inc., at Cornelia Street Cafe, in Manhattan, New York. He was accompanied by Bill Anderson on theorbo, and Chris Finckel on cello. 5 May 2013.

August 2012

Speech on the occasion of the Silver Jubilee Celebrations of Nadopasana, Thodupuzha, 12 August 2012.

Down the memory lane on the occasion of the Silver Jubilee Celebrations of Nadopasana, Thodupuzha, 12 August 2012.

July 2012

1. Antony Master's 25th death anniversay will be celebrated on Saturday, 21 July 2012 at St. Mary's Parish at Welayanad. Click here to view the flyer. For more information, please contact Fr. Benny Arimbully at 9495854619.

2. The Indo-German society is celebrating India day with solemn high mass of the Syro-Malabar church, screening of the film 'Kerala, the Cradle of Christianity in South India' and lecture by Dr.Joseph Palackal in Nurenberg, Germany on July 5 2012. For details click here.

3. The movie Kerala, the Cradle of Christianity in South Asia will be telecast as part of the program titled 'Streams of Grace' on Tuesday, 3 July 2012 in Goodness TV IST 10:30AM and Divine TV U.K GMT 18.00 & 01.00

June 2012

1. The web page for K. K. Antony Master is up and running. The list of works of the Maestro is now in progress.


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Discovering Christainity's First Home in India - DVD Screening Launch - Invitation by Kerala Tourism Dept.-2-Aug-2008

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  3. ( Invitation Letter )

Annual Meetings

Third Annual Meeting

2004 Annual Meeting was held at St. Anne's Monastery, Kurianad, Kottayam, on August 21, 2004. The meeting was part of a musical pilgrimage to the burial place of Fr. Abel Periyappuram, CMI (1920-2001).

Fr. Abel Periyappuram, CMI (1920-2001). Photo by K. S. Prasad, Kalabhavan, August 22, 2001.

The morning session started with an offering of flowers at the tomb of Fr. Abel. James Aerthayil, President, Kalabhavan, presented a paper on the literary and musical contributions of Fr. Abel to Kerala. Paul Poovathingal, Director, Chetana Sangeetha Natya Academy, evaluated the compositions of K. K. Antony, Kanamkudam, the first Music Director of Kalabhavan. The afternoon session started with the screening of a documentary film on Fr. Abel, produced and directed by K. S. Prasad. This was followed by Sangeethaarchana in the monastery chapel open for the public. Joseph Palackal, President of the Society, spoke in homage to Fr. Abel, and along with Cicily Anil performed three of Fr. Abel's devotional songs composed by K. K. Antony. George Panjara, Kumbalam Babu Raj, and Paul Poovathingal performed their own compositions in Karnatak classical music style. Cherian Kunianthodath, Vice President, welcomed the gathering, and Sheila Kannath, Secretary, proposed the vote of thanks.

Second Annual Meeting

The second annual meeting was held at Acharya Palackal Jeevass Kendram, Aluva, on July 28, 2001. Dr. Thomas D'Sa (director, NBCLC, Bangalore) delivered the keynote address on The Role of Music and Dance in Christian Faith Formation in India. In the afternoon session, Joseph Valiyaveettil presented a paper on The Celebration of Faith through Traditional Christian Performing Arts among the Latin Catholics in Kerala. The presentation was accompanied by performance of various Christian music genres popular among the Latin Catholics by the members of Krupasanam, a performing arts centre in Alappuzha.

Joseph Palackal, president, welcomed the gathering; Sheila Kannath, secretary, presented the report of the activities of the Society during 2000-01; and Cherian Kunianthodath, General Convener, proposed vote of thanks.

First Annual Meeting

The first annual meeting of the Society was held at Acharya Palackal Jeevass Kendram, Aluva, Kerala, on July 8, 2000. Joseph Palackal, the President of the Society, welcomed the gathering and introduced the topic for the meeting: Indian Classical Music and Christian Inculturation. In his keynote address, Paul Poovathingal, a research scholar in the Dept. of Music, University of Madras, surveyed the history of the dialogue between Indian musical traditions and Christian faith. He reviewed the contributions of Mayuram Vedanayakam Pillai, Vedanayakam Sastriyar, Abraham Panditar, and Moses Vatsalam Shastriar. He also highlighted the compositions of contemporary Vaggeyakaras, especially, George Panjara. In his response to the keynote address, Prof. George S. Paul, executive member of the Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy, traced the evolution of Indian classical music and explained how spirituality has been the bedrock of this system.

In the afternoon session Sheila Kannath presented a paper on Bhajana: The Heritage of Indian Spirituality. She traced the development of bhajana during the Vaishnavite Movement spearheaded by Madhavacharya. She also made a survey of bhajana tradition among Christians in India. Antony Urulianickal, director of Nadopasana, Thodupuzha, and Kurian Puthenpurackal shared their experiences of using Bhajans as a model for congregational singing.

The occasion also marked the releasing of a pre-recorded cassette produced by the Society, Sreeyesukeerthanam: Christian Classical Music Concert by George Panjara. Bishop Thomas Chakkiath, the Chairman of the Media Commission for the Kerala Catholic Bishop's Conference (KCBC), released the cassette by giving the first copy to Dr. Thomas C. Kandathil. Cherian Kunianthodath, the General Convener of the Society, proposed vote of thanks. The meeting was followed by a concert of Christian classical music by George Panjara.

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