Mar Walah - Pre-screening Review by Jerry Amaldev & Berny 23 June 2022


Mar Walah - Mini concert (Hindustani Rag Hamsdhwani)

Pre-screening Music Review by  Music Directors

Jerry Amaldev &  Berny 

held on  23 June,  2022 at Kochi, Kerala


A Pre-screening review of Mar Walah (Syriac chant)  Hindustani Mini music Concert by Prof. Krishna Pado Mandal was held at Kochi , Kerala on 23 June 2022.  The musical review  was done by two famous Malayalam  music directors - Jerry Amaldev and Berny.   Dr. Cherian Kunianthodathu (Director of CMSI and Syriac Scholar ) and Mr. Jarly Mathew (Syriac Scholar) also  commented on the Syriac / Aramaic chant MAR WALAH.  The concept of MAR WALAH is by Dr. Joseph J. Palackal CMI. The music Concert  recording is produced by CMSI

The concert consists of just two words: MAR WALAH, “ MY Lord and my God.” St. Thomas the Apostle uttered those words in amazement at seeing the resurrected Jesus. The Apostle acknowledges Jesus as both man and God (John 20: 28), a profound profession of faith. For that reason, Mar Walah is the favorite Mantra of the St. Thomas Christians both in India and the Middle East.

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