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The Carmelite Congregation of Malabar


Centenary Souvenir

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In Part I : pages i to xv and 1- 25

  • Printed at - St. Joseph Industrial School Press, Trichinopoly in 1832
  • Total Pages - 154

Chapter 1

The Two Founders of the CMI Congregation


The Two Founders of the Congregation beginnings of the Mother-House. 1.It was the beginning of of the 19th century; the famine and plague that followed Tippu Sultan’s invasion of Malabar had just subsided. The schismatic Syrians, owing to their too close contact with Protestant Missionaries, began gradually to be protestantized. Disobedience to the mandates of the Holy See was about to give rise to the notorious Padroado schism in the churches under the Portuguese Patronage. The Syrian Catholics of Malabar, however, as a body kept imperturbably of the apostolic See. There was, however, among them much room for improvement and progress. .... To Read More

Courtesy - Wilson Muriyadan

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