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Informations About the Kingdom of Malabar

Noticias Do Reyno Do Malabar


Mar Joseph Kariattil

  • Printed at - St Antony's Orphanage Press, Alleppey
  • Year - 1989
(Now for the first time translated into English with an elaborate and critical introduction and corrective foot-notes)


Rt. Rev. M. Arattukulam (Retd. Bishop of Alleppey)
All Rights Reserved . Translator.

Keywords - Informations About the Kingdom of Malabar, Mar Joseph Kariattil,Joseph Kariattil, St Antony's Orphanage Press, Alleppey, M. Arattukulam Retd. Bishop of Alleppey, M. Arattukulam

Courtesy - Wilson Muriyadan

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