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Call Number : DCS - 471

Malayalam version of B’ēda d’yāwmān (Syriac Chant) by Fr Abel, CMI.

അതിമോഹനമീ തിരുനാൾ പ്രഭയിൽ

Lead Singer - Baby Anamthuruthy


This song has become part of the story of the revival of Syriac chants in Kerala. Fr. Abel translated the Syriac text of Beda D'yawman and created a Malayalam version rather than a direct translation. Fr. Abel's concern was to preserve the original Syriac melody that has been already familiar to the church singers of the Syriac era. The melody with its 6/8 ( 12 + 1234 = 6) rhythmic structure is definitely of Kerala origin. We may assume that the original Syriac text too was composed by a Syriac Christian in Kerala. We are happy to post this track in preparation for the feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin. We are grateful to Baby Anamthuruthil from St. Mary's Suriyanippally at Palluruthy for taking initiative to make this chant happen. More details of that story is available on Aramaic Project-26

Joseph J. Palackal, CMI
New York
7 Sept 2021

Keywords - Fr Abel, Marian Hymn, ChristianSongs, B’ēda d’yāwmān (On this festival day), Syriac Chant, Encyclopedia of Syriac chant , St. Mary's Church Palluruthy, Suriyanipalli

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