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'Laku Mara'
A different Melody of the Resurrection Hymn
By Fr. George. Nellikat .

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AP 225 - A Second Melody of the Resurrection Hymn, Laku Mara.Fr. G. Nellikat .
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AP 225

Part Number Part I - Syro Malabar Church
Title 'Laku Mara' A different Melody of the Resurrection Hymn By Fr. George Nellikat .
Duration 6:07
Place of Recording Track from the Music CD - Solemn Qurbana by Fr. George Nellikkatt
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ലാകു മാറാ . A second melody. Resurrection Hymn ഉത്ഥാന ഗീതം. Fr. G. Nellikat

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In this video, we introduce a second melody of the Resurrection Hymn, Laku Mara. It is from a recording of solemn Qurbana in Syriac by Fr. George Nellikkatt and the Cicilan choir. Babu Puthumana, an admirer of Fr. Nellikkat, made the recording. This melody is known only to a few priests and church choirs in Kerala. From Fr. Paul Kodamullil’s interview in Aramaic Project-3 (, we learn that Fr. Mathew Vadakel, a singer, professor, and scholar of the Syriac language at St. Joseph’s Seminary at Aluva, composed the melody, sometime in the early 1950s. The variety of melodies of the same chant indicates that local choirs enjoyed considerable freedom in the selection of music for the Qurbana. The melody is unique in many ways. It has two incipits and one strophe. The incipits are in the same meter and melody of the strophe. This is different from the usual performance practice in which the incipit is articulated a tempo rubato without adhering to the meter of the strophe. In the third iteration of the chant, the deacon’s exhortation completes the cadence in the melody. That, too, is unusual. In Aramaic Project-138 (37:00) we hear this melody in the voice of Bennedy Anikkad. We are grateful to Babu Puthumana for granting permission to post this melody on our channel and to archive it in our library. References: Aramaic Project-3 ( Aramaic Project-138 (37:00

Joseph J. Palackal, CMI
New York
7 January 2021

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