Final Blessing

CMSI Ref Number MA-ENG-04-DCS-083

Final Blessing

Language English
Composer of melody Joseph J. Palackal and George Thaila
Music Arrangements David Claman and Dennis K. Poulose
Sung by: Joseph J. Palackal and chorus
Bamboo flute: Suresh P. Ravunni.

Source of Text-solemn-high-mass

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God our Father has blessed us with every grace
Through Jesus Christ our Lord;
Our Lord has invited us to His Kingdom
And has led us to everlasting joy. Amen
"He who eats of my body and drinks my blood
Will live in me, and I will live in him indeed." Amen
"I will raise him up on the last day
Without condemnation,
And he will enjoy eternal life." Amen
In accordance with this promise,
May the Lord bless and protect this congregation
That has partaken of this holy Qurbana. Amen.
May God pour His blessings
On those who received the sacred mysteries.
May we be sealed with the life-giving sign of the Lord;
May we be protected from all evil,
Now, always and for ever. Amen

Date of composition of text/melody 2007
Category Liturgical
Performance space Church
Performance context

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