Music For Life



CMSI Ref Number CMSI-227

Manasse (മനസ്സേ)

Language Malayalam
Author of text

O.N.V. Kurup

Composer of melody Jerry Amaldev
Sung by: Dr. Joseph Palackal

Source Text and Lyrics

MUSIC FOR LIFE (Asathoma Sadgamaya)

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Date of composition of text/melody 1985
Category Commercial Recordings
Performance space  
Performance context  

CMSI-227 Manasse Nee- Music For Life by Dr. Joseph J. Palackal


The lyrics of this song are a case in point for the evolution of language and thought processes during an extended period. Such evolutions are the results of unexpected events and experiences in human history. Dr. George Pittappillil, CMI, an environmental scientist and philosopher, wrote the lyrics in the 1980s to counteract the darkness that engulfs the adversities in life. The song is in the form of a soothing soliloquy. Drawing images from natural phenomena, the author invites the listeners to look around and see concomitant destruction and creation. Dr. Pittappillil could never have imagined at the time that his words were prophetic and one day would serve as self-therapy for Keralites who are currently undergoing a dark period of pain and suffering due to Covid-19. Dr. Pittapillil went through many hurdles while building up a concept and a physical structure that is now known as MITRADHAM at Chunangamvely, at Aluva in Kerala, India. The song reflects the lyricist's philosophy. Later, Dr. Pittappillil wrote lyrics for a children's album in Malayalam. Those lyrics elucidate higher ethical principles in children's vocabulary.... Read More