याजकं यजन द्रव्यं

Yājakam Yajana Dravyam

CMSI Ref. Number MA-SAN-03-DCS-029

Yājakam Yajana Dravyam

याजकं यजन द्रव्यं

Language Sanskrit
Author of text

Lyrics - Chevalier I.C. Chacko

Text selected, translated and introduced by - Fr. Francis Vineeth CMI

Composer of melody Anto Amarnad, C.M.I.
Source of text  

Source of text -Kristu Sahasranamam

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Kristu Sahasranamam - Track 3


(Published on 16 Dec 2021)


Note by Dr. Francis Vineeth, CMI

A deep longing welled up in my heart as I pondered over the amazing work of Chevalier I.C. Chacko, the Kristu-Sahasra-Namam. And it became my cherished dream to bring it to the devotional life of Indian Christians. A Thousand Names of Christ! . Just a thousand epithets and thousand titles in exquisite biblical lore, and enticing poetical charm and what more, all presented in classical Sanskrit lyrics. Who would not be tempted to have a try? It enshrines the whole history of Christ, gathered from the New and Old Testaments alike, all in one hymn of adoration, a long litany of praise. You can pray fully recite it then, unawares, in accompanying rhythm; you are transported to the marvelous setting of the Gospels, Psalms, and the Book of Revelation. This is I. C. Chacko's Kristu-Sahasra-Namam, a Christian counterpart of the well know Hindu Vishnu-Sahasra-Namam. ... Read More

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