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The Syriac Manuscripts in Mannanam Library

Paper Presented


Fr. Emmanuel Thelly C.M.I.

in the

Symposium Syriacum VIII

Eighth International Congress of Syriac Studies

held at

University of Sydney, Australia


26th , 27th June 2000

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Fr. Emmanuel Thelly, C. M. I. (1925-2015) was kind enough to give me this copy of the paper that he presented at the Symposium Syriacum VIII, Eigh-th International Congress for Syriac Studies, held at the University of Sydney, Australia from June 26 to 30, 2000. Fr. Thelly spent innumerable hours at the archive at St. Joseph’s Monastery at Mannanam to gather the information that is presented here. This is a golden treasure for researchers on an array of topics, ranging from language and linguistics to music and history. I hope these manuscripts are still intact at the archive. Recently, the monastery has decided to digitize the materials at the Archive and make them public. That will be a great boon to scholars around the world. I cherish the sacred memory of Fr. Thelly, who helped me immensely during research for my doctoral dissertation on Syriac chants at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, and pray for his continuous blessings on the Aramaic Project and anyone who is involved in Syriac studies.

Joseph J. Palackal
New York
27 April 2017

Keywords - The Syriac Manuscripts in Mannanam Library, Mannanam Library, Emmanuel Thelly CMI, Symposium Syriacum VIII, International Congress for Syriac Studies, Syriac Chants, Joseph J. Palackal, Mannanam Monastery, Syro Malabar Church, Saint Thomas Church, University fo Sidney
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