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"Methen tennes l'marya alaha hailsana": Syriac Chant and Interpretation of Carmelite Mottto/CMI Logo.

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AP 260 - "Methen tennes l'marya alaha hailsana": Syriac Chant and Interpretation of CMI logo.
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AP 260

Part Number Part I - Syro Malabar Church
Title "Methen tennes l'marya alaha hailsana": Syriac Chant and Interpretation of CMI logo.
Duration 7:57
Place of Recording Dharmaram College, Bengaluru
Date of Recording 2014
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"Methen tennes l'marya alaha hailsana": Syriac Chant& Interpretation of CMI logo

Melody, music arrangement, and vocal: Bro. Thomas Kappil Puthusseril, CMI Comments: Rev. Dr. Thomas Kalayil, CMI

Here is a combination of two remarkable recordings of the Syriac text of the CMI logo. They both originated at Dharmaram College in Bengaluru, Bro. Thomas Kappil Puthusseril, CMI composed a haunting melody to the five-word motto and made an audio recording in 2021with the help of his friends at Dharmaram College, the major seminary of the CMI congregation. The Aramaic Project team had already taken note of this logo and emblem that are etched on the ground in cement near the dining hall of Dharmaram. In 2014, we asked Dr. Thomas Kalayil, CMI, Professor and scholar of the Syriac language to give an explanation of the history of this logo. Fr. Kalayil did it masterfully. Fr. Kalayil does not accept the traditional translation of this text. Instead, he has a different translation based on his interpretation of the words, "Maarya" and "Hailtaana." Fr. Kalayil's interpretation is useful for biblical studies. We have used Fr. Kalayil's translation. The recording that Kuriachan Palackal made in 2014 has been in the archive. We thought this was the opportune time to combine the two events into one video. We hope this will be very useful for the students of history.

Bro. Thomas’s melody provides an added dimension to the sacred text. This can be used for non-liturgical celebrations as well.

We are grateful to the youthful team at Dharmaram for such experimental compositions as this.

Joseph J. Palackal, CMI
New York
22 January 2022

User Comments

  • Dr.Thomas Kalayil's description, if taken seriously, is a subject for a thesis. It shows that something as simple as a logo/motto has layers and layers of meanings and context - scriptural, historical, theological and linguistics. Dr.Kalayil explains how a given language can shape and drive theological points across the medium. It is fascinating to see how a biblical verse morphs and progresses in thought, faith and interpretation across different languages - Hebrew, Syriac, Latin and English. Kudos to the CMSI team for recording and sharing such a valuable conversation!

    A CMSI Channel User - 15 Jan 2022

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