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"Sagdinan mar" in Toronto, Canada.

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AP 134 - "Sagdinan mar" in Toronto, Canada.
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AP 134

Part Number Part I - Syro Malabar Church
Title "Sagdinan mar" in Toronto, Canada.
Duration 2:01
Place of Recording St. Alphonsa Syro Malabar Catholic Cathedral , Toronto, Canada
Date of Recording 04 October, 2018
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Sagdinan mar" in Toronto, Canada

The Presbyterate of the Syro Malabar Exarchate ( Diocese as of Mary 25) sings the Christological Hymn "Sagdinan mar"

The diocese invited me to teach the priests the melodies of the English version of our Qurbana that i co-composed. I used the occasion to teach a few Syriac chants, too. The Bishop and priests went along with the idea. Once the priests learned about the Christological and historical significance of the chant, they became enthusiastic. On the last day, we decided to sing it before my return to New York. This is the best compliment they could give me. The event shows that Syriac may have a chance to survive. Thanks be to God. Maar Walaah! Our own Thoma Sliha must be jumping with joy in heaven.

Joseph J. Palackal, CMI
New York
3 June 2019

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