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Sabarimala and Ecumenical Religious Practices of Kerala Nazranis

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AP 294 - Sabarimala and Ecumenical Religious Practices of Kerala Nazranis
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AP 294

Part Number Part I - Syro Malabar Church
Title Sabarimala and Ecumenical Religious Practices of Kerala Nazranis
Duration 9:22
Place of Recording The home of Gina and Zacharias P. Thundy, South Bend, Indiana, USA.
Date of Release 13 February 2022
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SABARIMALA - Mystery Resolved Whereas.... By Zacharias P Thundy.

According to Dr. Zacharias Thundy, Sabarimala, the famous pilgrim place in Kerala, India, is more than a pilgrim place; it is a symbol of the golden era of religious and communal harmony in Kerala. The Keralites in the past held on to an ecumenical mindset while adhering zealously to their respective religious beliefs. The followers of indigenous and such foreign-born religions as Christianity and Islam found a winning strategy of mutual respect and cooperation. For example,the Nazranis in Kerala accepted the Christian faith but soon adapted it to the local ethos. They went as far as calling it Marggam (Way), which is a term of Buddhist origin. In effect, they viewed Christianity not as a doctrinal religion but as a way of life that is suitable to the local culture to the extent that the new faith did not look foreign. Each community had its own specific strength, for example, the Christians were excellent warriors, and the Muslims were smart traders. The communities pooled their talents and fought against invaders. Sabarimala is a silent witness to this distant past. Members of all religions used to go on pilgrimage to Sabarimala.

Dr. Thundy explains the historical circumstances that supported the making of Sabarimala. In the video, Thundy summarized the contents of his recent book on Sabarimala mystery; the book is available on We hope this controversial take on Sabarimala will ignite the imagination of future scholars on Kerala’s history and come up with new findings.

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Dr. Joseph J. Palackal, CMI.
25 October 2022

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