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Qandisa alaha ( കന്തീശാ ആലാഹാ)
Trisagion in Syriac, By Joseph Palackal, CMI.

Qandiśā alāhā

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AP 327 - Qandiśā alāhā | കന്തീശാ ആലാഹാ | Trisagion in Syriac, By Joseph Palackal, CMI.
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AP 327

Part Number Part I - Syro Malabar Church
Title Qandiśā alāhā | കന്തീശാ ആലാഹാ | Trisagion in Syriac, By Joseph Palackal, CMI.
Duration 1m:00s
Place of Recording Denha Lecture at DVK Bangaluru
Date of Recording 2014
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AP 327a and AP 327f


Dr. Joseph J Palackal, CMI sings Qandisa Alaha - Trisagion in Syriac as introductory prayer song at the Denha Lecture at DVK Bangaluru (2014)

Kandīšā = holy + alāhā = God
La+ Māyōsā = Immortal (God)
Hailsānā = mighty (God)
Māyōsā =Immortal/eternal (God)
Esrāham = Have mercy
Alayn = on us

Kandeeshaa aalaahaa
Kandeeshaa hylsaanaa
Kandeeshaa laa maayosaa
Esraaham aleyn

Video Segments:

  • AP 327A - Narendra Modi, Sanskrit, and Aramaic. A CHRISTIAN PERSPECTIVE ON INDIA
  • AP 327D - Syriac Chant Traditions - Text and Music : Two Different Approaches.
  • AP 327E - Aramaic Way of Thinking- LOST IN TRANSLATION : Dr. Joseph Palackal, CMI.
  • AP 327F - WHY NO PERMANENT DEACONS in the SYRO MALABAR CHURCH? Denaha Endowment Lecture.

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