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Laku Mara.
Melody of Chaldean Catholic Church of the East.
Sung by Ranna Abro

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AP 210 / AP3-04 - Laku Mara. Melody of Chaldean Catholic Church of the East. Sung by Ranna Abro
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AP 210 / AP3-04

Part Number Part III - The Chaldean Catholic Church
Title Laku Mara. Melody of Chaldean Catholic Church of the East. Sung by Ranna Abro .
Duration 3:45
Place of Recording Residence of Ranna Abro, Michigan, USA.
Date of Recording 27 April 2020.
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Ranna Abro sings Laku Mara. Melody of Chaldean Catholic Church of the East.

The melody of the Resurrection Hymn in the Chaldean Catholic Church of the East, Michigan, USA. See also (Aramaic Project-III.3). Special thanks to Ranna Abro for granting permission to post this video on our Channel

Ranna Abro, a member of the Chaldean Catholic Church of the East, in Michigan, USA, was kind enough to share this video of her singing the Resurrection hymn as per our request. Ranna was one of the three participants in the interview that Jose K. George conducted earlier (see Aramaic Project-III.3). We have an opportunity here to get acquainted with the melodies of the same chants that are part of the East Syriac liturgy that the Chaldean Catholic and Syro Malabar Churches share. Eventually, with more samples, we intend to start a Musical Ecumenism series.

Ranna made the recording in the comfort space of her own home. We see Ranna making the sign of the Cross during the minor doxology (Glory be to the Father.....), even though the singing takes place in an informal setting outside the liturgy.

Albeit the differences in the vocalization of the Syriac text, the melodies are similar. It is possible that the melodies in the two churches have a common ancestor, and they assumed different characteristics in the varied linguistic and cultural settings of the respective countries. This and other similar videos that are on the editing table may serve as resources for an new era of comparative Christian musicology. We are grateful to Jose K. George Mappilapparampil for mediating the process of adding this new dimension to the Aramaic Project.

Joseph J. Palackal, CMI
New York
27 May 2020

Keywords: Ranna Abro, Chaldean Catholic Church USA, Resurrection Hymn, Laku Mara

User Comments

  • Ecumenism through music is a wonderful proposition and I am glad that we have started off with Chaldean Catholic Church . Having viewed these last three videos, I do feel that we have to interview a musician priest from the Chaldean Church , to get more insights on this comparative musicology.
    The shared liturgy and the Hierarchical relationship until Synod of Diamper are worth cherishing . However the interesting aspect is the local assimilation and modifications which were done to both pronounciation and music. The search for similar tune of the same hymns could be an effort in vain . As propounded by Palackal Rev Yawsep Kathanar , the tune of Syriac Hymns as sung in SMC are mostly a mixture of Persian and Indian ( Carnatic/Hindustani ). The Hymns as sung by Rev Manuel Boji and Ms Ranna Abro seem to be in a different meter and to me the SMC tunes are more endearing and appealing . Probably musicians would be able to explain this better
    This ongoing dialogue has another important aspect - We have to be on the guard against 'Romanization ' of our liturgy - Amel Antony - 2020

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