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A Popular History of the Catholic Church

Philip Hughes

3rd Edition (Reserved and Enlarged)

V.Rev.Fr.John Akkara , Ollur, (S.India) London Burns Oates

John A.Agnew

  • Nihil Obstat -Patricius Morris,S.T.D., L.S.S.,
  • Imprimatur- E.Morrogh Bernard, Vicarius Generalis
  • First Published in- 1939
  • Revised in - 1940
  • Revised & Enlarged in- 1947
  • Made & Printed in - Great Britain for Burns Oates

Keywords-A Popular History of the Catholic Church, Catholic Church, Patricius Morris, E.Morrogh Bernard, Great Britain for Burns Oates, Philip Hughes

Courtesy -Ann Lia Wilson

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