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 RR- 150 to RR-101

Call Number : RR-109/JT


Taksa d' Koodasha 1905

  • Imprimatur - Mar Pazheparambil
  • Year - 1905
  • Language - Syriac

Courtesy - Joseph T.P.

Call Number : RR-108/JT


Thumsa (Service for the Dead in Syriac)

മരിച്ചവർക്ക് വേണ്ടിയുള്ള ശുശ്രുഷകൾ 1954


  • Re-Imprimatur- Augustine Kandathil (ArchBishop Ernakulam)
  • Printed at - The St. Joseph's Press, Mannanam.
  • Year -1954
  • Language - Syriac

Total pages- 104

 Courtesy - Joseph T.P.

Call Number : RR-107/JT


Pallikalil Anushtikendataaya Namaskkarakramam

പള്ളികളിൽ അനുഷ്ഠിക്കേണ്ടതായ നമസ്ക്കാരക്രമം

(5th Edition)

  • Printed at - The St. Joseph's Press Mannanam
  • Year - 1955.
  • Re-Imprimatur - Mathew Kavukatt, (Bishop of Changanacherry)- 15.09.1955
  • Language - Malayalam

Total Pages -121

Courtesy -Joseph T. P.

Call Number : RR-106/JT


A Brief Outline of Syriac Literature

Moran Etho-9


St. Ephrem Ecumenical Research Institute Baker Hill, Kottayam- 686001 India

Year - March 1997

Total pages - 104

Courtesy - Joseph T.P.

Call Number : RR-105/JT


Ordo Chaldaicus Rituum et Lectionum Juxta Morem Ecclesiae Malabarica

Edited By

Fr. Mathew Vadakel
(Professor, Mangalapuzha Seminary, Alwaye)

  • Printed and Published by P.J. Andrews , Mar Thoma Sleeha Press, Alwaye
  • Language - Syriac

Total Pages - 478

Courtesy - Joseph T.P.

Call Number : RR-104/JT


Namakarana Thirukarmangal

നാമകരണ തിരുക്കർമ്മങ്ങൾ

(Kottayam 08.02.1986)

  • Published by - Liturgical committee for Papal Reception, Kottayam
  • Imprimatur - MAR JOSEPH POWATHIL (Archbishop of Changanacherry) 17.01.1986
  • Language - Malayalam

Courtesy- Joseph T.P.

Call Number : RR-103/JT


Divine Liturgy

According to the Syro - Malabar Rite


(For use at the fourth National Sodality convention Manjummel, Cochin )

 Courtesy - Joseph T.P.

Call Number : RR-102





Fr. Abel C.M.I

  • Right Reserved Ernakulam 15- 08-1985
  • Printed at - The St.Joseph Press, Mannanam.
  • Language - Malayalam

Total pages- 43

Call Number : RR-101


Elements of Syro-Malabar History


Thomas Koonammakkal

Copy right reserved by

Beth Aprem Nazrani dayra Kuravilangad, Dukrana 2012 Kappumuthala.P.O.
Muttuchira- 686613 , Kerala, India
Phone; 0091-9447319913

Total pages-44

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