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Meera Mary Jacob, singing a Syriac Chant.

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AP 94 - Meera Mary Jacob, singing a Syriac Chant.
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AP 94

Part Number Part I - Syro Malabar Church
Title Meera Mary Jacob, singing a Syriac Chant.
Duration 2:14
Place of Recording Aldie,Northern Virginia, USA
Date of Recording 30-May-2018
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Meera Mary Jacob, on the way to school, singing a Syriac Chant.

This is an endearing video clip that sheds light on a four-year-old’s cognitive process in absorbing the melody and text of a chant. At home in Aldie, in northern Virginia, USA, Meera Mary Jacob kept a close watch on her dad, Alex Jacob, practicing the famous Syriac chant, Qandisa alaha. Alex had to lead the First-Communion children in singing this chant at St. Jude Syro Malabar Catholic Church in Northern Virginia, on 26 May 2018. Meera correctly absorbed the melody like a sponge, including the cadence on the final verse. Her vocal cords, however, were not ready for the sound of Syriac phonemes, yet. On May 30th, while sitting in the car on the way to school, Meera started singing the chant spontaneously. Mily, Meera’s mother, immediately captured these precious moments on her cell phone. We are grateful to Mily and Alex Jacob for sharing this video and granting permission to post it on our channel. Meera has become the youngest missionary of the Aramaic Project. Meera, whose name resonates with that of Meera Bai (1498-1546), a Rajput princess who dedicated her life to music and poetry in praise of Lord Krishna, gives us hope. The new generation of Indian-American-Syro Malabar Catholics may reclaim their Syriac heritage faster than I initially thought at the time of embarking on the Aramaic Project in 2013. This generation, I am sure, will add to the history of the Aramaic language and music in America, and America itself.

Joseph J. Palackal
New York
7 June 2018

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  • ****************
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